Harbor 58 is a Great Commission community and a partner ministry of YWAM Ships, serving the most isolated people groups with the message and hope of Jesus Christ. This is practically accomplished through medical/mercy ministries, community development, Bible distribution and Discipleship Training Schools (DTS). Over the next few years we will be laying the foundations for longterm ministry in the Oceania region of the world. This will include building a partnership team, assembling a crew and other YWAM volunteers to include medical professionals, raise funding for an appropriate ship (in the 150' - 200' range) or small flotilla of ships (each under 100')  followed by initial outreaches from Port YWAM in Kona, HI.


and Vision 

Year One

  • Develop partnership team

  • Gather crew and volunteers

  • Work alongside YWAM Ships in their day to day operations

  • Begin crew training in navigation, seamanship, healthcare, and basic maritime lifesaving and survival skills

Year One and Two

  • Purchase larger ship or several smaller ships

  • Retrofit vessels for ministry and healthcare

  • Along with YWAM Ships, map out ministry needs in Oceania

  • Start first outreach


Year Two and Three

  • Continue serving in Oceania while identifying regional needs

  • Launch first Surf and Sail DTS

  • Partner with medical professionals to join us in 2-3 week service trips aboard the ship annually

  • Year 3 and beyond: establish a land base forward operating location in Oceania